Belshaw Detachable Fry Screen  Handles 616-0007C

Belshaw Detachable Fry Screen Handles 616-0007C

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For effective use with this handle, squeeze the handle before inserting the extensions into the holes of the fryer screen, then stop squeezing for the notches of the handle to catch the screen and hold the mesh wires of the screen. Squeeze the handle again and pull out to remove the handle from the frying screen.

  • Handle with notch on each side for gripping fryer screen by the mesh wires
  • Fits any handleless deep-fat-fryer screen
  • Eliminates the need for non-detachable screen handles
  • Makes it easy to lower the screen into and lift it out of the fryer
The handle consists of stainless steel that is wound around and welded at its two ends to a single stainless steel wire, this twists to form two wires that crisscross, each wire then bending and continuing straight until the end.
7/16 inch from each tip is a notch that grabs the mesh wires of the fryer screen.

The wound grip is 4" inch wide and coiled into circles measuring 1-3/8 inch in diameter.

616-0007C Detachable screen handles - Sold as pair (2 Handles as shown in photo)